Yes, Your Company Needs A Mobile App

At the beginning of this year, the number of registered www. domains globally reached more than 1.5 billion. However, a third of these are considered to be in-active (parked domains) or private domains.

The problem is that this model is now 20 years old, and it is considered to be obsolete.

These days, to reach your digital consumers and find more potential customers, you need a mobile application.

Here are a few things to consider when designing a new application for your company.

Add important info the customers might be interested in

Add information about your company. If a current or potential customer has downloaded your app, they are already interested in your services—your application should take the next step of convincing them. Make sure to add engaging images and videos.

Offer them a way to speak to you

Do not rely only on social media as a way for customers to reach out and talk to you. Offer them a way in the app itself, for example through a live chat service or support.

Make the app neat, attractive and user friendly

Make sure your app is easy to use. If it is too complicated, it will not achieve its main goal. Offer an attractive and professional design.

Speak to your customers

Push notifications are a good start to keep you in your customers’ minds. Send out brief and quick notifications, adding a section about your company news, but don’t do too many as it will be considered spam.

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