Can You Serve 60 Million Customers With Only One Employee?

This what Banco Bradesco, the second largest banking institute in Brazil, thought when it hired IBM’s Watson—who was able to answer over 283,000 questions with an accuracy of 95%.

Banco Bradesco and IBM cooperated to use Watson’s AI capabilities to teach him all about the bank’s 62 different product and services. This meant Watson could answer questions from the 63 million customers the bank serves.

The banking sector is one of the largest sectors in Brazil, with a market value of $600 billion. Customer satisfaction is very important.

“One of the most important and fundamental things is to understand the cultural environment of Brazilian customers, so Watson could reach the highest level of privacy and be local,” said Katia Vaskys, General Manager of IBM.

Watson was able to adapt the Brazilian culture and reach a level of closeness with customers that was satisfying to them.

As AI takes over customer support in one of the most important and critical sectors, the question now is what else can AI do?

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